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With Chef Sunil

Caramel & White Chocolate Sauce


Recipe Makes about 300 Ml/1.5 Cups

Sugar: 1 Cup

Water: 3 Tbsp

Cream: 1/3 Cup

Butter: 30 Gms

Vanilla: 1 Tsp

White Chocolate: 75 Gms


1 Add sugar and water in a pan and heat the pan.

2 As the sugar caramelizes it will change color, mix at this stage.

3 Simmer till all the sugar has dissolved and a clear caramel is obtained, take the pan off the heat and add cream.

4 The cream will bubble up, but this is normal, just keep mixing to incorporate the cream in the caramel.

5 Then keep the pan back on low heat and add butter cubes, mix to dissolve all the butter, add in vanilla.

6 Remove from heat and cool the caramel sauce, when still warm add the white chocolate pieces, mix to get a smooth sauce, you can strain the sauce at this stage. If required or desired you can thin down the sauce a little bit by adding a little warm milk.

7 Store in the fridge for up to a weeks time in a tightly covered container.

8 Use the sauce as a dessert or ice cream topping, or as a spread for sweet sandwiches, or mixed with some other desserts.

9 Enjoy!