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With Chef Sunil

Crispy Donut Fries


Makes about 30 Sticks of 5 Inches

Flour: 1 Cup

Powder Sugar: 1/4 Cup

Milk: 50 Ml

Fresh Yeast: 7 Gms

Salt: Pinch

Oil: 1.5 Tbsp

Vanilla: 1/2 Tsp

Oil: For Frying

Powder Sugar: 1/3 Cup

Cinnamon Powder: 1 Tsp

Chocolate Sauce: To Serve


1 In a bowl mix together the flour, sugar, warm milk, yeast, salt, oil and vanilla essence.

2 Mix to form a dough and then knead the dough on a table top for 5 minutes till the dough is soft, elastic and smooth.

3 Apply a thin layer of oil and keep in a bowl for fermenting for 1-2 hours.

4 Knock back the dough, knead a little and roll out the dough to about 1/3 centimeter thickness, cut long strips and deep fry in medium hot oil.

5 When crisp and evenly brown on both sides, remove on to a plate and roll in cinnamon sugar (mix together powder sugar and cinnamon powder), serve with warm chocolate sauce.

6 Enjoy!