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With Chef Sunil

Hummus Chutney Salad


Recipe Serves 2

Olive Oil: 2 Tbsp

Lime Juice: 1 Tsp

Salt: 1 Tsp

Sugar: 2 Tsp

Pepper Powder: 1 Tsp

Garlic: 2 Flakes

Onions: 2 Tbsp

Capsicum: 2 Tbsp

Tomatoes: 2 Tbsp

Cucumber: 4 Tbsp

Carrots: 2 Tbsp

Paneer: 2 Tbsp

Hummus: 3/4 th Cup

Green Chutney: 1/3 Cup

Olives: 4-5

Nachos/Pita Chips: To Serve


1 In a bowl add the oil, lime juice, salt, sugar, pepper powder and garlic paste, mix the salad dressing with a whisk.

2 Add in small dices of vegetables and paneer, toss to mix the dressing with the vegetables.

3 In a serving plate, spread a layer of hummus, then put a layer of green chutney on the sides and finall top the hummus with the vegetables.

4 Sprinkle olive slices and serve the salad dip with nachos or pita chips.

5 Enjoy !