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With Chef Sunil



Recipe makes 10-12 Samozzas.

Pizza Sauce: 40 Gms

Boiled Potatoes: 1 Medium

Onion: 20 Gms

Capsicum: 20 Gms

Olives: 2-3

Pizza Seasoning: 1 Tbsp

Pizza Cheese: 40 Gms

Salt: To Taste

Samosa Patti: 10-12

Oil: For Frying


1 In a mixing bowl add the pizza sauce, boiled and mashed potatoes, dices of onions and capsicum, olives, pizza seasoning and grated cheese.

2 Mix the stuffing.

3 Spread out a samosa patti and keep a spoonful of the filling on the sheet and fold it into a samosa and seal the edges with a little water.

4 Deep fry the samozzas in medium hot oil till crisp and light brown.

5 Drain from the oil and serve with kethcup.

6 Enjoy!