Cooking & Baking Classes

Discover the joy of cooking good food !! Learn from a wide range of classes to suit your every need. Be it sizzlers, chocolates or snacks or biryanis, pastas or Mexican food or cakes.


My classes are focused on making a dish acceptable to all. With a class size of maximum 10-12 students at a time, communication and doubt clearing becomes very easy. Cooking Class Take-aways: Live demos, Recipe Booklet, Samples of all the goodies made, and the confidence to re-create the magic in your kitchen! Food brings people together.
I love to create a fun atmosphere where people can experiment, taste, talk, laugh, and get to know one another while they learn to cook great food. I also conduct personal classes for clients who prefer learning customized food items.
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Food & Menu Consultancy

Good food taste must include such parameters of taste that are well appreciated by your customers.  Getting the right balance of these taste parameters will determine the success  of your food outlet be it a Restaurant, Fast Food, Bar, Bakeshop, Cafe, Food Truck, Hotel, Room Service, Home Delivery Kitchen, Company Canteen or any other type of eatery.  If you are looking to update your menu, or seek  advice on menu concepts, suitable menu alterations, cost-cutting strategies, commercial grade ingredients prevalent in the market , kitchen staff training, standardizing recipes or developing an entirely new menu keeping in mind your specific requirements and the market growth, then kindly contact me to set up an appointment for further discussions.

Proud Clients

Pestros Shack,Suruchi Spices,
Wonders of World, Barista,
Foolish Foodie,
The Barley Bakery,
MHKS Food Plaza, Biryaniwala,
Da Barley Bakery,
Hotel Amrta, Jog Caterers
The Webstaurant

Food Styling & Photography

Making food and beverages look good for commercial photography is one of the parameters of the F&B industry to help increase sales. With a very visually attractive media these days it becomes all the more important to project your best foot forward in todays competitive market.  Please feel free to contact me for any food styling and photography projects in India.

Culinary Workshops

If you are a corporate body, a large company, a club, a school, a college, housing society, a social organization or a Newspaper publication, these cookery workshops are for you. Cookery Workshops are a good way to teach a large group of food enthusiasts. It could be learning for the sake of fun or serious learning or a group activity, there is no doubt that a Cookery Workshop will help the participants in many ways. This will purely depend upon the aim of organizing the Cookery Workshop.
All the Cookery Workshops are tailor made to suite your particular needs, a personal meeting to discuss your needs will give more clarity to your thoughts.